How Stressful Thinking Affects You

We all encounter stress from day to day and minute to minute, but how we deal with stress determines whether it moves us forward or holds us back. Stressful thinking is often frenzied, inaccurate, and unreliable, yet many of us go through life thinking and behaving in stressful manners. Many of us assume that this is the way life has to be, and there is no getting around it, but this is certainly not the case!

Silencing negative thinking may be easier than you ever imagined it could be, but it begins with a positive thought.

Negative Thinking, Positive Aspirations, and You

Negative thinking not only controls the way you approach life, but it also can affect your body, mind, and relationships in negative ways. When you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you have the power to move forward in a healthier and more productive way.  With enough time and effort, you can change your thought process, and it all begins with just a few words.

The Power of A Few Words…

When you see a list of affirmations, you see nothing more than a list of words with idealistic phrases that do not seem to apply to your thinking. If you look closer at each affirmation, you may find that many of them encapsulate the way you would like to think.

When you see a positive phrase that speaks to you, latch onto it and use it to extinguish the negative thought you want to get rid of. In essence, you will be replacing your negative thinking pattern with a positive approach. This is what positive affirmations are all about!

Affirmations are positive statements that stimulate your mind to accomplish all of the great things you would like. Words have the power to move mountains because they can evoke emotions within us all.  If you use an affirmation that speaks to you on a deep level – and you reaffirm it by repeating it often – you can make the statement your mantra and your reality.

If you are overcome by negative thinking to the point where you think no affirmation can work for you, don’t lose hope! There are many affirmations that can help you deal with just that!  Using an affirmation such as, “Negative thinking is not my way of thinking” will give you the power to change your thought process and your life. It may feel awkward at first, but as you reaffirm the positive emotions you desire, your negative thinking will be replaced with positive thoughts.

There are many different affirmations to help you with negative thinking.  Something as simple as, “Negative thoughts cannot enter my mind” will allow you a moment to replace anger and frustration with a positive thought.

Does this sound too good to be true? There are many people who, just like you, think this strategy is too simple to be effective. The only way to know for certain is to try it for yourself. What do you have to lose? No one has to know but you, and you just may find that the benefits are so great that you want to share them with everyone you know.